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 Level 1: Explore Your Creative Soul Expression

Welcome to a transformative painting experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

This workshop is not your typical sip-and-paint format; it is an exploration of your intuitive self, a journey to uncover and express what is already within you, and bring it to the surface in a beautiful, creative and tangible way.

With no prior knowledge of what you will paint, and by tapping into your own intuition, you will create a masterpiece unique to yourself, that speaks from your soul.

This is your opportunity to disconnect from the external chaos and reconnect with your inner being. Our focus will also be on mindfulness, encouraging you to be present, attuned to your body, your feelings and emotions, and to create without the constraints of your conscious mind. 

Guided by a meditation process, you will enter a state of relaxation and inspiration, allowing your creativity to flow effortlessly onto the canvas. The painting will show up on its own and you will be amazed at what you create.


Join us and discover the therapeutic benefits of intuitive painting today.



Investment: $55 per participant

Format: Online Class Zoom Meeting

Minimum Participants: 2

Duration: 2 hours

What to Expect:

  • Individuality: No two participants will paint the same thing, adding an element of surprise and self-discovery.

  • Connection: Explore your creative soul expression through the tangible form of your painting.

  • Self Introspection: Delve into the deeper meaning of your creation, gaining insights into your inner world.

Benefits of Workshop:

  • Satisfaction: Craft your own original masterpiece.

  • Calm: Experience a sense of tranquility and inner peace.

  • Empowerment: Establish a tangible connection to your inner wisdom.

Is This Workshop for You?

Perfect if:

  • You have never painted before.

  • Facing a blank canvas alone feels daunting.

  • Stress and a busy mind are hindering your peace.

  • You sense there's more to life than meets the eye and you wish to expand your awareness

  • You're on a journey of self-discovery, seeking new, creative avenues.

  • You are an artist experiencing creative blocks.

  • You enjoy a creative community.

Whether you're a novice or returning for more exploration, join us for an enriching experience, forging a connection between art, mindfulness, and your soul language.

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Clients Are Saying...

Student painting of red heart surrounded  by a transparent pyramid and floating white weather on a blue background
" The meditation pleasantly surprised me because I was able to let go of my surroundings and feel a deep state of inner peace. This letting go allowed me to receive messages/images from my heart, and my painting is truly the expression of my soul and who I am. Gratitude, Serenity, Peace... all these emotions... it was a very beautiful moment in the Here and Now. An experience that I would repeat without hesitation!! "

Sophie Berlioz
Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France

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