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Connect with your INNER WISDOM

Dirty Paintbrushes


Level 2 : Connect with Your Inner Wisdom




Transitioning seamlessly from the foundational Level 1 experience, the Level 2 workshop invites you to commence a more profound exploration of your inner world.

This communicative and interactive session, conducted through Group Zoom, is a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with your painting, enriching your understanding through personal reflections and the perspectives of fellow participants.

Dirty Paintbrushes


Investment: $105 per participant

Format: Online Class Zoom Meeting

Zoom Arrangement: One participant per Zoom link

Group Dynamics: Minimum 2 participants, maximum 6 participants

Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours (duration varies based on participant number)


What to Expect:

Building upon the Level 1 experience, Level 2 is designed for those seeking a deeper connection with their creations. This workshop encourages a collective exploration of the profound meanings embedded in your paintings through color and symbolism. Engage in a dynamic dialogue, share impressions, and delve into the unique perspectives of your fellow participants.

Benefits of Workshop:

  • Openness: Embrace the collective energy as diverse perspectives contribute to a broader understanding.

  • Mind Expansion: Explore the vast potential of your creations through shared insights.

  • Group Dynamics: Ideal for those who thrive in a collaborative environment and find inspiration through shared perceptions.

As your painting becomes a shared canvas of thoughts and reflections, you'll find new layers of meaning and insight. Level 2 is the perfect progression for those who appreciate the power of communicative and interactive exploration, and are eager to expand their understanding through shared experiences.

Join us in this journey of collective discovery and deepen your connection with your Inner Wisdom.


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Clients Are Saying...

Student painting infused by a happy vibe for a bright future
"I am blown away by my experience with Marie!! I went into it completely stressed from my work week and not thinking I would get anything out of it (last time I painted anything was Jr. High) but was equally interested to see what would happen. Marie has a very warm personality, makes you feel right at home (so I immediately felt at ease) and the small class size is perfect for connecting. The guided meditations were extremely relaxing and Marie was there to assist you during the entire creative process if you ever felt “stuck”. I’ve been working on my spiritual self but not sure how much I’ve actually “accomplished”-I am absolutely amazed at my final product and now have something tangible to look at everyday and remind myself how beautiful my spirit really is even though my mind sometimes “gets in the way”!! I am so glad I decided to visit, it was completely worth it, and will be returning in the future. I highly recommend going as Marie is very gifted and a blessing."

Danielle Niedzielski
Hollywood, FL

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