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LEVEL 3 - Deepen Your Connection with your Higher-Self

Holding a Paintbrush

                  Level 3 -                       Deepen Your Connection with your Higher-Self

Embark on an intimate exploration of self-discovery as you delve into the depths of your being with the one-on-one Level 3 workshop.

This personalized session, available through ZOOM, offers a unique opportunity to deepen your connection with your Higher-Self.

Holding a Paintbrush


Format: Online Class Zoom Meeting

Investment: 1:1 ZOOM: $275

                        1:1 ZOOM: $1320 (6 sessions package - 20%)

                        1:1 ZOOM: $2310 (12 sessions package - 30%)


Duration: 2.5 / 3 hours

The Journey Within:

Guided by a deeper transformative meditation, this workshop activates your soul connection, guiding you to the very core of your being. From this vibrational space, you will paint, allowing your canvas to become a conduit for deeper meanings and messages.


Exploring Essence:

Together, we'll extract the essence of your creation, deciphering the meanings encoded in the colors and symbolism woven into your painting. This one-on-one experience allows for a focused exploration tailored to your unique journey.

Why Choose 1:1 ?

  • Privacy and Comfort: If you prefer a more private setting, away from group dynamics.

  • Personalized Exploration: Ideal for tackling more personal topics and delving even deeper into your inner world.

  • Deeper Insights: Experience a heightened connection with your Higher-Self in a personalized and focused environment.

All levels welcome!

This workshop is a sanctuary for those seeking a more intimate and personalized journey. If you value privacy, desire to explore personal themes, and wish to deepen your connection on an individual level, then 1:1 sessions are for you.

Through a combination of intuitive processes and guidance, we will address your current state of mind, emotions, beliefs, challenges, etc, in order to uncover truths that propel you forward.


Engaging in this impactful routine consistently generates a cumulative and profound impact. After a few sessions, you begin to comprehend your core identity, broadening your perspective on self-awareness and life direction. What initially captures your soul in a single painting transforms into a visible roadmap to your inner self. Discovering a sense of home within yourself and realizing you can return there anytime provides a profound sense of peace and empowerment, allowing you to remain anchored in your core center no matter what is going on in your life.


Join me for this transformative one-on-one experience and discover the profound messages waiting to be unveiled on your personal canvas!

Book Your 1:1 Appointment

Note:  appointments for the one-on-one sessions are currently suspended and will resume on March 25th, 2024.

Please check back at that time to make an appointment or contact me to discuss further options.


Clients Are Saying...

"I feel as though I walked away with a sacred gift of knowledge about myself, a beautiful sense of serenity for where I am now, and encouragement for where I am going. My painting is called a portal to freedom and it's about letting go. I am so glad I met you, Marie! You are a vibrant, giving soul."

Cami Rochwergwer.

Delray, FL

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