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DEEPEN Your Connection 

Wet Paintbrushes

                  Level 3 -                       Deepen Your Connection 

Welcome to Level 3 of our transformative painting series, where we venture on a path of deeper connection and exploration. Building upon the insights gained in Level 2, this workshop delves even further into the rich tapestry of your painting's meanings. This is an invitation to deepen your connection with your artwork and yourself.

Join me for this transformative experience and discover the profound messages waiting to be unveiled on your personal canvas!

Wet Paintbrushes

Investment: $175 per participant

                        $840 (6 sessions package - 20%)

                        $1575 (12 sessions package - 25%)

Format: Online Class Zoom Meeting

Zoom Arrangement: One participant per Zoom link

Group Dynamics: Minimum 1 participant, maximum 2 participants

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours (duration varies based on participant number)

Enhanced Guided Meditation:

Prepare to delve into the intricate nuances of color and symbolism as I guide you through a specially curated meditation. This meditation focuses intensely on the significance of colors and their unique meanings to you, providing deeper insights into your inner landscape.


Exploring Essence:

Together, we'll extract the essence of your creation, deciphering the meanings encoded in the colors and symbolism woven into your painting. This small class setting experience allows for a focused exploration tailored to your unique journey.

Why Choose Level 3 ?

  • Intimate Experience: Enjoy the benefits of a small class setting, fostering a deeper connection and exploration.

  • Personalized Guidance: Receive tailored guidance and support as we navigate your painting's depths.

  • Personalized Exploration: Ideal for tackling more personal topics and delving even deeper into your inner world.

  • Deeper Insights: Experience a heightened connection with your Inner Wisdom in a personalized and focused environment.

All levels welcome!

This workshop is a sanctuary for those seeking a more intimate and personalized journey. If you value privacy, desire to explore personal themes, and wish to deepen your connection on an individual level, then this intimate class setting is for you.

Engaging in this impactful routine consistently generates a cumulative and profound impact. After a few sessions, you begin to comprehend your core identity, broadening your perspective on self-awareness and life direction. What initially captures your soul in a single painting transforms into a visible roadmap to your inner self. Finding a deep sense of belonging within oneself and recognizing the ability to reconnect with that inner sanctuary at any moment brings about a profound sense of peace and empowerment. This inner anchorage empowers you to stay rooted in your essence, regardless of the external circumstances unfolding in your life."

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Clients Are Saying...

Student painting of a silhouette hiding in the woods. Fears and hopes are being revealed.
"I feel as though I walked away with a sacred gift of knowledge about myself, a beautiful sense of serenity for where I am now, and encouragement for where I am going. My painting is called a portal to freedom and it's about letting go. I am so glad I met you, Marie! You are a vibrant, giving soul."

Cami Rochwergwer.

Delray, FL

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