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Welcome to Integrative Soul Painting Workshops.

Embark on a creative journey that transcends the canvas and reaches the depths of your inner self. Our workshops are not just about strokes and colors; they are a gateway to unlocking the door to your higher self and inner wisdom.

At every level, from the simple and affordable sessions to the more profound explorations, I guide you through the art of painting as a medium for self-discovery. Whether you are picking up a brush for the first time or delving into the nuanced expressions of emotions and symbolism, each workshop is a step towards uncovering the layers of your true essence.

In our more advanced workshops, we dive deep into the language of colors and symbols, understanding how they mirror the intricacies of your emotions.

Discover the power of expression as we unravel the stories hidden within your strokes, guiding you to paint not just with your hands but with your heart.

As your journey progresses, I introduce guidance and coaching girded towards your specific needs and I become your companion on your path to self-discovery, supporting you in uncovering the artist within, and tapping into your natural capabilities and intuition.

My ultimate goal is to help you connect or reconnect with the deeper part of yourself. In a world that spins fast, it is essential to find your grounding and power, and you can accomplish that through the meditative act of painting.

Discover your place in the universe and become a beacon of creativity and authenticity.

Join me in these workshops to access your true essence and unlock your pure potential. Painting becomes a transformative tool, allowing you to navigate life with newfound clarity, purpose, and a profound connection to your inner wisdom.

Are you ready to paint your path to self-discovery? Let the canvas be your mirror, reflecting the truth within.

Wet Paintbrushes

Level 1: Explore Your Creative Soul Expression 


Online Class Group Zoom Meeting

Participants: Min 2

2 hours

Wet Paintbrushes

Level 2: Connect with your

Inner Wisdom


Online Class Group Zoom Meeting

Participants: Min 2 / Max 6

2.5 hrs up to 4 hrs (Based on number of participants)

Dirty Paintbrushes
Wet Paintbrushes
Wet Paintbrushes

Level 3: Deepen Your Connection 


Online Class Zoom Meeting

Participant: 1 to 2

2.5 hrs / 3hrs

Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you

  • Level 1: 3 Sessions Package

    Make it a fun ritual and save 15%
    Valid for 6 months
    • Level 1: Meet your Higher-Self
  • Level 2: 3 sessions package

    Embark on your journey of self discovery and save 15%
    Valid for 6 months
    • Level 2: Connect with your Inner Wisdom
  • Level 3: 6 sessions package

    Commit to your inner journey and save 20%
    Valid for 12 months
    • Level 3 - Deepen your connection
  • Level 3: 12 sessions package

    Make a commitment to your Self and save 25%
    Valid for 18 months
    • Level 3 - Deepen your connection

Get in Touch

For any general information, please email me using the form to the left or below, or call:

Telephone: 954-775-5062

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

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