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Paint Brushes
Marie Donze


Marie Donze, a native of the South of France, and now a devoted resident of Fort Lauderdale, brings a rich tapestry of experiences to her artistic journey. In the early nineties, she sailed, worked, and lived on yachts in the Caribbean, Venezuela, and the Mediterranean. Notably, she actively participated in a Transatlantic Crossing and the "1995 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta" aboard "Amazon," a 73 foot sailing yacht.

Immersed in the crystalline waters and vibrant colors of tropical islands, Marie's passion for glass and colors was ignited during this period. Actively engaging with locals and their diverse cultures, these experiences became a catalyst, deeply influencing her subsequent work on glass.

Officially debuting her artistic venture in 2004 through the unique medium of reverse abstract painting on transparent glass and crystal, and the richness of mica pigments, Marie's creativity flourished. In 2008, she explored close-up photography of her glass work, capturing mesmerizing abstracts. Expanding her horizons in 2015, Marie ventured into acrylic on canvas.

Tapping into her innate gift for colors and creativity, Marie draws inspiration from transformative experiences, including her colorful and soulful life in the Caribbean and the challenging renovation of a 10-unit apartment building. With limited resources, Marie unearthed creative talents she never knew existed. Her artworks, reflecting the hues of diverse life experiences, have earned acclaim at local and state levels, finding representation in galleries and boutiques across Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Savannah.

Marie's acrylic work on canvas, born through meditation and relaxation, evolved into Integrative Soul Painting Workshops in 2017. These workshops, influenced by her world view perspectives and personal life challenges, invite participants to explore creativity and inner wisdom through a unique blend of methodologies and creative processes.

An outward expression of your inner landscape facilitated through meditation, painting, and the interpretation of color and symbol.


In the early 2000s, my creative journey began. Over the past two decades, I witnessed its profound evolution intricately woven with my personal transformation going through life's challenges. My intense passion for colors merging with a profound quest for healing and self-actualization, lead me in 2015 to discover my own intuitive painting process. In the midst of quieting my mind through yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation, a revelation occurred—images, shapes, and colors emerged, sparking a deep desire to paint on canvas. Despite the initial fear of a blank canvas, I embraced the journey, intuitively delving into painting. As weeks and months passed, synchronicity revealed that my paintings held intimate messages about my personal journey. I sensed something very special was happening. This realization ignited a profound desire to share this experience.

In 2017, I formalized my discoveries giving birth to what is now known as Integrative Soul Painting Workshops—an ever-evolving amalgamation of mindfulness, meditation, breathing, painting, introspective work, intuitive guidance and more recently coaching.

The workshops illustrate my deep passion for creativity, colors, and an unending commitment to self-transformation. At the core of this evolution is my genuine enthusiasm for the human mind and its spiritual evolution.

My intention is clear—to empower participants. Through these workshops, I guide individuals to connect with their hearts, rediscover their creative voices, and reclaim their true essence and personal power. The aim is to provide a tangible roadmap leading to authenticity, joy, and inspired living. This isn't just about creating art; it's about facilitating a transformative experience that transcends the canvas, fostering a journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and a life filled with purpose.


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