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Holding a Paintbrush

                  Level 4 -                       Delving further into your Soul's journey

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration with our Level 4 Soul Mapping Workshop. In this exclusive 1:1 online class, we delve into the depths of your soul, uncovering the mysteries of your past lives and connecting with your personal soul symbols.

Holding a Paintbrush


Format: Online Class Zoom Meeting

Investment: 1:1 ZOOM: $375

Duration: 2.5 / 3 hours

Soul Mapping

Prepare to transcend the boundaries of time and space as we delve into the tapestry of your soul's journey. Through intuitive guidance, I will access one to three of your past lives that hold significance for your current lifetime. This exploration serves as a gateway to understanding the intricacies of your soul's evolution.

The Journey Within:

Guided by a profound and transformative meditation, I will lead you to the very core of your being, activating your soul connection. From this sacred vibrational space, you will access your personal soul symbols – timeless embodiments of your essence. With paintbrush in hand, you'll translate these symbols onto canvas, allowing your artwork to serve as a conduit for deeper meanings and messages from the depths of your soul.


Exploring Essence:

Together, we'll embark on a journey of deciphering the essence of your timeless creation. We'll unravel the layers of symbolism and colors woven into your painting, extracting profound insights and guidance for the journey you're on in this lifetime. Your artwork will become more than just a painting; it will serve as your Soul Crest – a symbolic reminder of your strengths, lessons, and the aspects your soul seeks to develop and embody in this lifetime.

Why Choose This Workshop?

  • Personalized Soul Exploration: Gain deep insights into your soul's journey through personalized guidance tailored to your unique experiences.

  • Access to Past Lives: Explore one to three significant past lives, offering clarity and understanding of current life patterns and challenges.

  • Soul Symbol Activation: Activate your soul connection and access your personal soul symbols, providing a deeper understanding of your essence and life purpose.

  • Transformative Meditation: Experience a profound meditation journey, guiding you to the core of your being and facilitating soul-level connections.

  • Artistic Expression: Translate soul symbols onto canvas, creating a tangible representation of your inner journey and receiving guidance through your artwork.

  • Focused Exploration: Benefit from a focused and intimate 1:1 experience, allowing for deeper exploration and understanding of your soul's essence.

  • Soul Crest Creation: Your painting becomes more than just artwork; it serves as a symbolic Soul Crest, reminding you of your strengths, lessons, and soul aspirations in this lifetime.

Are you ready to delve into the depths of your being and uncover the wisdom of your soul?

Join me for this transformative one-on-one experience and discover the profound messages waiting to be unveiled on your personal canvas!

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Clients Are Saying...

Intuitive painting created during my online painting workshop
"I feel as though I walked away with a sacred gift of knowledge about myself, a beautiful sense of serenity for where I am now, and encouragement for where I am going. My painting is called a portal to freedom and it's about letting go. I am so glad I met you, Marie! You are a vibrant, giving soul."

Cami Rochwergwer.

Delray, FL

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