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Level 1: Meet your Higher-Self


Group ZOOM - Min 2 participants -
2 hours


Group ZOOM - Min 2 participants

This workshop is the perfect introduction to painting from your intuitive self and not your mind. This IS NOT a “sip and paint” workshop format. Each participant will paint something completely different than the other participants and no one will know ahead of time what they will be painting. The painting will “show up on its own” following the relaxing and guided meditation process I will guide you through. 

The focus will be on mindfulness; being present and aware of your feelings and emotions. You will meet your Higher-Self expressed through the tangible form of your painting and you will be invited to reflect on its deeper meaning to you. 

You will leave having experienced the satisfaction of creating your own original painting along with a feeling of calm, inner peace and empowerment after having established your first tangible connection to your inner world and your inner wisdom.

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