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Illuminate Your Path


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Illuminate Your Path

"Are you curious about the concept of the higher self and spirituality, but unsure about its practicality?
Perhaps you haven't fully recognized the value of creativity in our society, or maybe you value spirituality and creativity but haven't grasped how it relates with and can impact your daily practical life.

Let's explore together.

"Illuminate Your Path" aims to dispel misconceptions and demonstrate how connecting with your higher self isn't just about spiritual beliefs—it's a journey towards enhancing your daily life.

By delving into your inner wisdom, you'll discover a well of power and understanding, unlocking your creative potential along the way.

5 Profound Benefits 13 Practical Steps
To Cultivate Your Connection with Your Higher Self


"This is my sixth One-on-One Soul Painting Workshop with Marie and once again it was very insightful. I am amazed at all the wisdom and guidance I gathered over the past months and years. Marie is right; it really is a "road map to my soul".
After I completed my "masterpiece", the interpretation session with Marie, combined with my own impressions, has given me useful insights into who I am and how I can and will respond to choices I make in the future."

Bruce McB, FL


Meet Marie Donze

Marie Donze, a native of South France and dedicated Fort Lauderdale resident for nearly three decades, brings a wealth of experiences to her artistry. From sailing in the Caribbean to participating in a prestigious yacht event and a Transatlantic Crossing, her immersion in vibrant island life sparked her passion for glass and colors. Debuting her art in 2004 with reverse abstract painting on glass, Marie's creativity evolved through close-up photography and acrylics. Inspired by life's challenges and vivid experiences, her artworks, celebrated locally and statewide, reflect diverse hues of existence.

Transitioning her acrylic works into Integrative Soul Painting Workshops in 2017, Marie invites participants to explore creativity and embark on a journey of introspection and self-transformation through a unique blend of methodologies and creative processes, shaped by her worldview and personal journey.

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