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Embark on a creative journey that transcends the canvas and reaches the depths of your inner self. The workshops are not just about strokes and colors; they are a gateway to unlocking the door to your higher self and your inner wisdom.


This workshop is not your typical

sip-and-paint format;

it is an exploration of...

Dirty Paintbrushes

Transitioning seamlessly from the foundational Level 1 experience,

the Level 2 workshop invites you

to commence a ...

Wet Paintbrushes

Welcome to Level 3 of our transformative painting series, where we venture on a path of deeper connection and...

Holding a Paintbrush

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration with our Level 4 Soul Mapping Workshop

Holding a Paintbrush

Level 4: Delving Further Into Your Soul's Journey


Online Class 1:1 Zoom Meeting

Participant: 1

2.5 hrs / 3hrs

Holding a Paintbrush




Find your inner voice



One-On-One  Workshop

Private sessions available 

for more in depth results


Mobile Workshop

Group Workshops may be held in the comfort of your own home!


Group Workshop

Small classroom (max 8 participants for a more intimate setting.)

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